Samsung galaxy s9 – Overview of premium features

The Samsung galaxy nexus, though not as popular as its galaxy s9 counterpart, is among the greatest specifications in Samsung’s latest line up. Several of its features are among the best found on any Smartphone. In this article I will offer a summary of the major features of this device. This is arguably the crowing feature of this Samsung galaxy nexus. Even though the phone has been available since November last year, the settlement of the display has just recently been matched by competing producers. In the 720x 1280, the display is therefore capable of displaying high definition videos in 720p, in addition to making it an ideal device for different multimedia tasks like viewing photo slideshows or playing games downloaded from Google play the newly rebranded android market. The 4.65 inch screen utilizes super amole capacitive technology to provide outstanding brightness, clarity, viewing angles and responsiveness to touch. The high resolution unites this technology makes the display on the Samsung galaxy nexus among the best on the market.

Samsung Galaxy S9

The galaxy nexus was actually made to showcase the new ‘ice cream sandwich’ version of android, so obviously it was the first Smartphone to boast this program. This means that users of this Samsung galaxy nexus can enjoy all new features from the applications like Google beam which enables users to wirelessly share files between compatible phones. Face unlock is a well publicized features of this software that enables users to unlock the phone with the integrated face recognition, together with the front facing 1.3 megapixel camera. This saves time since it does away with the need to enter a pin number or password. In addition to these and a number of other features, the look of the android port is extremely different to the preceding ‘gingerbread’ variant. Particular attention was paid to making navigation more intuitive, making this the most user friendly version of the increasingly popular Smartphone platform.

The camera on the Samsung galaxy nexus is just 5 megapixels, which might sound low, but the technologies used in both the hardware and software of this camera produce results that are superior to those traditionally achieved with 5 megapixel components. The camera can also capture 1080p video footage, and features the typical features you would expect from a high end camera phone, such as autofocus, touch focus, led flash and face detection. The galaxy nexus is also has a strong 1.2 GHz dual-core chip like its stable mate the galaxy s9. This provides all of the computing power required to multitask, run demanding programs, and display high quality images on the high resolution display. The Samsung galaxy nexus is likely to remain top of the Samsung stack along with the galaxy notice, until the Samsung Galaxy S9 is released.